Gray Factory
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- elinchrom 500 pro HD with 180cm silver umbrella on a Overhead Boom Light Stand
- 2x Hensel expert pro 500 plus 
- Hensel expert pro 250 plus
- BOWENS GEMINI 400 with Softbox 50x135
- Quadralite Move X 400 with 180cm silver umberella and diffuser on a Overhead Boom Light Stand 
- Quadralite 300 Up! X with beauty dish 55cm 
- Softbox 30x120
- Softbox with Grid 130x90
- Snoot
- A few Reflectors
- Gel in different colors
- Aluminium background
- Paper background 2.7m length (White, Black, Nude, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink)
- Paper background 1.3m length (Blue, Pink, Yellow, ...)

The size of the studio is almost 7x9m (63sqm) Please check the map below to the studio size in details.
Note: There is a possibility to paint one of the walls with your own design with extra money. 
Espresso machine and tea are available :)
Address: P. Lukšio g 16, Vilnius
Sigmos teritorija 3-ias korpusas 2-as įėjimas, 3rd floor  (Google Map)